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     Saturday, February 28, 2004
 My younger brother joined the Marines last month, marking the 6th continuous generation of my family to have been in some branch of the military. I'm trying to write him a letter, and i'm drawing a big blank on what to say...

any suggestions?

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     Monday, February 23, 2004
 I'm gonna lose
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     Friday, February 20, 2004
 Just sent my entry in...

Hope I win!
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     Thursday, February 19, 2004
 EEP! (and I mean that in as manly a way as possible)

The contest begins!

must be funny!
must be funny!
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     Tuesday, February 17, 2004
 Moral Obligation

Jason Van Steenwyk at Iraq Now has been responding to letters.

I would suggest that when confronted with a totalitarian regime that practices systematic torture, rape, genocide, and murder, and which actively supports terrorist organizations which make a practice of setting off bombs on school busses abroad - and when offered a chance to help contribute to its demise - a truly intelligent man would discern a certain moral obligation.

I cannot improve on that, so I'm not going to try.
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 This Needs Legislation

Recently, a little known health risk has been brought to my attention. After conducting an in-depth investigation, I have decided to post my findings here, in the hopes that we can bind together to stop this careless activity that is plaguing our citizenry.

The problem is this: birthdays.

That's right, birthdays.

My research has revealed that people that celebrate large numbers of birthdays are almost universally at higher risk for osteoporosis, lung disease, heart disease, Alzheimers, and arthritis, as well as numerous other ailments. People that have celebrated at least 100 birthdays are almost universally of failing health, many of them are indeed on the very doorstep of death.

Ignoring this irrefutable data in it's entirety the pro-birthday lobby continues to insist that birthdays are a harmless pastime, a mere celebration of a passing year.

This simply cannot be allowed to continue.

If you feel that this injustice should be corrected, you should join me in writing our congressmen immediately and telling them to stand up to Big Birthday and ban all birthdays in the United States, forever.

Our future demands it!

--This post dedicated to the folks at the Canadian Firearms Centre and the fact that statistics lie.

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     Monday, February 16, 2004
 Is there a handbook for this?

I was having a conversation with one of the unwashed heathens of ICQ yesterday and the subject somehow got around to how some european countries are always trying to change the problems that they percieve the US having by bitching and moaning about us. At some point during this conversation, the unwashed heathen asked me "Well, why don't they just join up and vote, if they are so interested in what we are doing?"

Now, I don't really think that there are any countries that are gonna come running to be our 51st star, but the question intrigues me... so... does anyone know what the process is if you want to join the Union?

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 I'm a finalist!

So Frank J. at IMAO is doin this contest and I am a finalist.

oh crap! Now I have to be funny!

::panic panic::

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 A Blog is Born

Somebody make a note!
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